Case Study: D-Net Migration & Development
  • Intranet
  • Joomla
  • Java
  • Oracle 11g
  • Zimbra Implementation
  • System Administration
  • Linux Administration
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Postfix Migration
  • Single Sign on
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DRDL has built a suite of Intranet applications (D-Net) over the last several years. Technology used by them is now quite outdated. Also, development was carried out by junior IT staff without any design/IT architecture in place.

Callippus has been entrusted with the task of upgrading all of DRDL's intranet applications to a new technology platform for better efficiency and ease of management.

Intranet Website


DRDL's current intranet website is quite huge (approx. 20,000 pages). It consists mainly of static HTML pages and other dynamic pages written mainly using plain JSP technology. Callippus migrated all of the static pages on D-Net to a Content Management System using Joomla platform. This will make management of D-Net website quite flexible and simple in the long-term.

Intranet Applications


D-Net applications are currently running using JSP technology on Pramati Application Server with Oracle 9i being the back-end. Callippus has migrated D-Net database from 9i to 11g. Also, Pramati has been replaced with Tomcat to reduce Operational costs. Going forward, Callippus is proposing to migrate all applications to a platform based on Spring/Hibernate technology.

Bespoke ERP Modules


DRDL's IT team built several ERP packages (like Personnel, Finance, Payroll, Material Management, etc.,) over the years to meet its operational requirements. These packages use Oracle 8i as the back-end. Callippus has migrated all the Oracle 8i databases to Oracle 11g.

System Administration


Callippus is also responsible for System Administration of D-Net as well as Internet domains. Internet access is managed via Active Directory server. Callippus has implemented several policies to enable better transparency and control on Internet Usage.

Several Linux and Windows servers are being maintained as part of the System Administration activity.

Callippus is designing a robust Backup and recovery policy for ensuring High Availability considering all failure scenarios.

E-Mail solution


DRDL's internal E-mail was earlier on Postfix. E-mail client was custom developed using JSP pages. Callippus migrated all users from Postfix into Zimbra. Mails which were currently being stored in M-Box format were all converted into Maildir format. All mailboxes were then migrated from Postfix to Zimbra using ImapSync.

Single-Sign On


Callippus is providing a Single-Sign On solution across Joomla, Custom Applications and Zimbra applications.


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