Smart card based water tanker service using Handheld devices

  • Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) operates water tanker service for delivery to residents needing drinking water. HMWSSB has several fill stations across Hyderabad.
  • Water tankers receive water from nearby HWMSSB fillstation for delivery to citizens.
  • Water tankers are private (lorry) operators registered with HMWSSB for facilitating water distribution to citizens. Citizens call up a Call Center (with a toll-free number) giving the address where water needs to be delivered. Required capacity (5 KL or 10 KL) is also specified by the customer.
  • Apart from Commercial trips, the tanker operators are also required to deliver water to areas of social interest on a periodic basis (Ex: Temples, Mosques, etc.,). Any emergencies like pipe bursts require unscheduled trips to be carried out by tankers.
  • Tanker operators pay HMWSSB cash in advance and the same is topped up against a smart card given to each of them. Top-up is done at the Central HMWSSB office.
  • Each fill station is equipped with one more hand-held devices (based on number of pumps in the fillstation). Handheld device has facility to read/write into a RFID based smart card as well as GPRS modem to communicate with a central server.
  • When a water tanker operator visits a fillstation, schedule for the day is automatically arrived at by the device including commercial, scheduled and unscheduled trips. Deliveries undertaken are updated to the server on-the-fly. Similarly, card top-ups are automatically downloaded to the device instantaneously.
  • It is possible to block, change or issue new cards using server side application and this information is downloaded into the respective fillstation's device on-the-fly.
  • Beginning of the day/End of the day processes are incorporated into the solution to audit the gross amount of water dispensed from the sumps vs actual recorded deliveries.
  • Dashboards/MIS Reports are available on server side for quick analysis by senior management team.

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