Public Distribution System (PDS)

The public distribution system has been one of the most important elements in India's food safety net system for almost 60 years. The scale of the programme is evident from the fact that it handles 15 percent of the total availability of rice and wheat.


While the PDS provides a degree of food security to some sections of the population, there are doubts whether the benefits are commensurate with the costs of running the system. While large number of the poor do not have access to the PDS, there is on the other hand little or no attempt to deny access to the affluent. [Reproduced from Targeting and Efficiency in the Public Distribution System,]
To streamline PDS for better targeting and efficiency, Central and State Governments have mooted Biometric verification of beneficiaries.Callippus built a turnkey solution for AP-PDS which includes Retail POS Billing with Biometric verification as well as integration with Server side solution which is used for day-to-day reporting/MIS. Fingerprints of all family members are stored on the smart card issued to each family.
Beneficiary is verified using Biometric authentication before issue of eligible food grains which is based on social/financial grading of the family.
Transactions carried out on the POS/Hand-held terminal are sent to the server transparently using GSM/GPRS technology. If for some reason, network is not available for a brief period, transactions are queued for delivery. Device continuously attempts to recover GPRS connection and deliver transactions as soon as GPRS connectivity is restored and the queue is cleared promptly.
Device is capable of auto-update. This ensures any updates to the application are automatically loaded into the device without user intervention. Software upgradation/maintenance can be carried out remotely. Devices can be controlled remotely for any administrative, maintenance or security needs.
The embedded device software was developed using C/C++ language.


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