Envisioned by a team of highly experienced professionals, Callippus Solutions is a leading provider of IT Services and IT outsourcing solutions. The founding team has earlier been associated with major consulting houses in different domains. During the vast experience gained over a period of years, a need was felt to fill the void that customers primarily look for – Genuine „customer affinity“.

In a highly competitive and segmented marketplace, customers today find it challenging to meet strategic, tactical as well as their operational IT needs. Also, there is a tremendous squeeze on their IT spends. Consequently, greater number of companies are looking for service providers that are genuinely focused on providing „value“ for the money spent. It is a proven fact that companies with a smaller footprint have better domain, technology and implementation focus; are administratively easier to manage and have a lower cost of maintaining their staff and thereby are able to provide optimal solutions to a wide array of customer needs.

Today’s market demands optimisation - of both - New project implementations (Strategic) as well as Operational (Tactical) costs. During the boom of late nineties corporates focused more on Strategic issues compared to operational issues. No emphasis was laid on optimising the operational costs. With the euphoria settling down over the subsequent years, managements have realised the importance of improving operational effectiveness.

All new project implementations at Callippus undergo several rounds of Process Engineering and Process Optimisation. Implementing an efficient business process is of extreme importance to improve operational effectiveness. Our business process designs are an evolution of our in-depth understanding of the domains we specialize in – Telecom and Retail.

Optimising the operational costs is an ongoing activity and requires focused and continuous interaction with the consulting partner. While Callippus provides a solution keeping in view the strategic requirements of its customers, its core value proposition centers around providing solutions that can greatly enhance the operational bottomline.

A case in point is our focus on performance tuning when a project is delivered. With most IT service providers, this (Performance testing) has never been considered a part of the original deliverable. We at Callippus ensure that each of the solutions we deploy undergoes a rigorous stress test and additionally, sufficient documentation is provided to the customer to ensure consistently high performance from the system in production. The deliverables consist of additional scripts to generate reports, database clean-up tools and other administrative facilities.

The rich experience and focus of its senior management comes in handy to ensure customers have an optimal solution in place, thereby laying a strong foundation for building a robust IT infrastructure in the medium and long-term.


Business Consulting

Sample image Our business consulting team leverages its rich experience to provide you with a long-term solution specifically to overcome the challenges faced by your line of business. We collaborate with you and help devise solutions that can position you company well ahead of your competition.

Content Management System

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We have built significant expertise in building Content Management Systems using Joomla. We have delivered more than 50 portals on Joomla CMS.
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